Stepping into history

March 04, 2012  •  1 Comment
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March 4 -- Stepping into history


On March 3rd, I took a road trip with my friend Kristen to visit Stewart's Mansion in Galveston, TX. For those unaware of it's history, Stewart's Mansion existed as far back as the early 1800s, when it was then known as Lafitte's Grove, an old outpost maintained by pirates. In 1821, after a battle with Karankawa Indians, the fort was abandoned then rebuilt upon in 1926 as a Spanish Colonial mansion. It was maintained through the century, until the mid-90s' or so. I'm unsure of its recent history, but I'm sure that the building hasn't been occupied or maintained in a VERY long time.



Anyways, upon hearing that the building is scheduled for demolition, my friend and I made time to go down there for an impromptu yet fantastic modeling shoot with three willing and awesome subjects. While shooting in this very dilapidated locale, it was very enriching to see a building that was once a beautiful landmark. And the shoot was a fantastic success.



great shots....where is this place :)
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