March 10 -- March Madness, Up Close and Personal

March 11, 2012  •  Leave a Comment
March 10th blog entry


During the past five days, between March 6-10, I spent most of the time in nearby Katy, TX, covering the Southland Conference Basketball tournaments (men's and women's), with the two winners automatically qualifying for the upcoming NCAA tournaments. It was a pleasure once again to be a part of the tournaments as I got to see some pretty exciting action on the courts as teams from Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas battled it out. Overall, it was a very exciting five days, with a few upsets, an overtime battle, a down-to-the-wire women's final and a runaway express in the men's title game. And along the way, I got some very awesome shots from all the games I covered. But more than anything, it reminded me of why I love basketball in the month of March. Every basketball game is an important affair, but in March, the games take on a bigger meaning, especially in the conference tournaments can alter a team's fortunes, or crush them altogether. If a favored team loses, it can be the abrupt end to a stellar sason, and maybe a player's career. If an underdog can get hot, they can ride a wave of momentum to a win and a title. Yes, in March, the games do mean more. And, once again, I'm fortunate to have been a part of "March Madness".



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