Chasing legends in the cold.......all to close 2013

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Closing 2013 chasing legends in the cold

Greetings and salutations all, I hope this finds you well and with your loved ones this holiday season. December has proven to be a busy month, yet productive as well. The denouement of 2013 was one to remember, mainly because of three football games I covered. First was the Conference USA Football Championship between Rice University and Marshall. The game itself was memorable for two reasons: 1) Rice won the game in dominant and stunning fashion over Marshall, 41-17, for their first outright conference championship since 1957; 2) the game was played in viciously frigid conditions, around 36 degrees at kickoff. With a steady north wind blowing, it pushed the temperature well below freezing through the course of the game. It was easily the coldest sporting event I’ve ever covered. But it was worth it to cover an immense accomplishment by the Rice Owls.



The other two football games from December that I enjoyed covering were the final two home games of the Houston Texans’ 2013 season, first featuring the New England Patriots and three weeks later, the Denver Broncos. Of course, all the attention (mine included) was focused on the visiting teams’ quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Both QBs were magnificent in their victories, especially Manning, who broke (or rather, reclaimed) the NFL’s record for most passing touchdowns in a regular season. But it was very cool to shoot the two greatest quarterbacks in this generation, especially with another head-to-head postseason meeting looming.



The whole month has been rather interesting for me, but I see it as the culmination of the last two-plus years of my professional life, not just to be able to rebuild things and take them to the next level, but to be able to have rather epic days via my craft. And I’ve had a year’s worth of epic days since April 2012. My hope is that it continues in 2014 and onward. And that is my wish for everyone, to pursue your dreams no matter how difficult. I know I’ve said that many times, but that is a sincere hope for everyone in this crazy-as-heck world.


And with that, thank you all for the attention and the support, and all the best to you this holiday season and a Happy 2014. Until next time, fare thee well!


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