Channeling Kellen Winslow

September 02, 2012  •  1 Comment
Channeling Kellen Winslow

Greetings all, I hope this finds everyone well this Labor Day weekend. I'm currently recovering from a rather hard stretch of completed work, including three straight football games in three days. The most grueling of which was the annual Kickoff Classic between Lutheran South Academy and Bay Area Christian School. The game eventually went into overtime before LSA pulled out a 20-17 victory, but it's a game that I'll remember for how much work went into it. As many know, football is my favorite sports to shoot, but it's also the most physically demanding, even under the best of weather and physical conditions. And on Friday night, even at 9:30p, it was still very hot and brutally humid outside. And with all the running back and forth across the field, I expended a great deal of fluid and was severely dehydrated and lightheaded from the fourth quarter onward, almost to the point of passing out, twice. Even consuming water and Gatorade proved ineffective as I sweated it out almost immediately after drinking it. But I somehow made it through and was there to capture the whole game and the aftermath, although it's something I hope not to repeat, because it was the worst I had ever felt when shooting a sporting event.

As I reflect on it now, and as arrogant as this may sound, I liken the game and my contributions to that of former San Diego Chargers tight end Kellen Winslow Sr. and his incredulous performance in the Chargers-Dolphins NFL playoff game in January 1982. (Backstory: In that game which was also brutally humid, Winslow logged 13 catches for 166 yards and a touchdown, along with a blocked field goal, despite extreme dehydration, a pinched shoulder nerve and a gash on his lip.) The shot below is of him being carried off the field after the Chargers' win.


Was there a point to this entry, aside from self-promotion or just bragging? I dunno, maybe just this. Sometimes in life, it's not about talent or equipment or skill to survive, much less succeed. It takes heart, will, desire and an unshakeable fortitude in crummy conditions (and especially in Houston humidity). Two teams showed it on Friday night, and I was glad to just be there. Anyways, I wish everyone a great weekend and great week ahead, especially this upcoming Sunday when the Houston Texans start their season. Thank you all for the support, and until next time, fare thee well.


Marcia Mason(non-registered)
The human spirit is a wonderful thing ! It's always very inspiring to see the ones who put a lot of effort on what they believe and, are passionate about , and finally succeed with great glory . I am sure you have fantastic role models , Erik . You are doing a fabulous job , even under very odd/hard conditions . Keep up the great work , but always take good care of yourself ! We love to see your awesome photos !! Congrats , always !!!
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