Coming to Grips.....

March 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

(DISCLAIMER: This entry is full of personal introspection again, some of which could be offensive to those with sincere medial vices. For those offended by my thoughts, I implore you to close the browser and wait for my next entry.)


Good day all, I hope this finds everyone well thus far, as March comes to an end. As the month nears its close, I’m thankful for the slowing of work. Between the beginning of February and now, I was on a murderous pace that lent itself to both financial stability and health issues as well. In other words, I kept busy doing cool things, but I got sick three times along the way. Now that I have a short break this week, its only now that I realize what I’m capable of in life, but I’m also coming to terms with a “problem”.


I have an addiction, of sorts, an addiction to my work. I’m not content just to sit around and do nothing or rest on my laurels and accomplishments. But still, I take my work to an extreme and I push myself too hard at times, to the point where I frequently get ill. And I will never be content with where I am, I want to get better with each passing week.


Why succumb to this addiction? Well, I will never have a wife or a girlfriend, nor will I be a father in my lifetime. I’m just not that sort of person, nor do I wish to “just settle” for just anyone, that’s just making a “bad” situation worse. With what time I have left in my life, be it 70 years or 70 weeks, I will make an impact doing what I do best. It’s only now that I realize that I don’t have a choice in the matter. I have to work this hard.


I’ve now delved into rambling so I’m cutting myself off here. Thanks for the attention and the support. Until next time, Fare thee well.


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