Pondering and planning for the future.....

July 30, 2012  •  2 Comments
Pondering and planning for the future

Greetings and salutations all, I hope this finds everyone well. Things have been getting rather busy for me, as the Astros and Dynamo seasons have been trundling along and with the recent start of Houston Texans training camp. And I recently had another Astros photo from this season published by SI.com.

Anyways, during this month, I've been debating  my future in photography and deciding what the eventual next step is, if there even IS one. Certain factors may not allow me to keep doing photography full-time (such as the fluctuating economy and unfortunate changes to the industry as well), so it's about time I have a new plan in place in case I can't be a seven-days-a-week shooter. While I'm not above getting a "joe job", an idea of mine that I have been seriously considering is eventually becoming a high school photography teacher, focusing on photojournalism, using my prior experience to instruct others as well. Granted, it would involve going back to school for another degree and/or teaching certification, which I'm NOT crazy about. But in terms of the future, this is a way to have an impact after my shooting days are done. And for years, people have been asking questions or asking for advice or whatnot regarding photography. Now even with a career change in place, that doesn't mean I would give up photography for good, just downgrading it with one eye on "tomorrow". But even with an uncertain future, I'm very thankful for the memories and to the people who stood by me from day one and through all the rough times.

Well, that's it for now, I hope to have another entry online this upcoming Saturday or Sunday, after "The Showdown" between the Houston Dynamo and New York on Friday night. Thanks for reading and until next time, fare thee well.





Diana Porter(non-registered)
High school photography means you will more then likely be the yearbook sponsor. They are always combined.
Congratulations on having another photo published! And for what it's worth, I think you would make a wonderful teacher!!!
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