Why do I........?

June 27, 2012  •  Leave a Comment
Why do I?

Greetings all, I hope this finds everyone well, especially those in Houston who are sweltering amidst the searing heat. Anyways, I've wanted to answer a question that various people have been asking of me, for a few years now: "Why do I push myself so hard?" Well......it's a question that took me a lot of time to answer.

I guess I've always loved photography, but around four years ago, I found a real love and passion for photography, not just as a means to support myself. Being a part of something special, ranging from sports to portraits, being able to create memories is a real joy for me. After a downturn in my efforts across 2010, I honestly lost confidence and faith in myself. But after some encouragement from an old friend and some strokes of luck, I regained my confidence and pushed towards the highs I experienced earlier. Also, I've taken to challenging myself and doing different things within the scope of my craft, such as setting up a remote camera for baseball or location lighting for portrait sessions. And all that is as much about thinking outside of the box as much as I don't want my efforts to become stale. Pushing myself to do different things is a built-in challenge, but it always lends results.

But most of all, I guess I push myself for reasons past professional. I seriously doubt I'll be fortunate enough to have a family of my own, loving wife, awesome children children, all of that. But I do know that I can be a hard-working photographer, capable of creating great imagery, so I've decided to put everything of myself into that and go from there. And while the path has been a very lonely one, it's been a productive one as well, especially thus far this calendar year. And that is my achievement, as good an achievement as one can hope for in life.

Anyways, that's it for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend coming up. Thank you for your time, and until next time, fare thee well.


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