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May 11, 2012  •  1 Comment
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As April has turned into May, I've been keeping very busy between my new responsibilities shooting the Astros and with the Houston Dynamo's home schedule about to begin as well. I've had various commitments come and go during the last few weeks, and I've done my best to fulfill them all to the best of my abilities, even at the expense of my own health.



For years, many people have asked my why I push myself so relentlessly, regarding my work. Until recently, I never had a definitive answer. I guess, it's because I know this is what I do best in life, and in life, one must do what they do best. And after a misspent youth, I know that I was born to be a photographer, it's what I enjoy and it's what I'm best at. Also, having reached a professional pinnacle once before in my life (shooting Texans/Astros/Dynamo/Rockets from 2007-09), I wanted to get back to that level again. And after the last year, I feel like I'm returning to that zenith. I'm not there yet, but I will be there in time, god willing. And if not, it won't be for a lack of effort.


Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day. Until next time, fare thee well and namaste.




Glynis Mathews(non-registered)
You have done an excellent job this year. Keep up the hard work and you will be where you want to be sooner thasn you think. I personally think you are the best now.
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