Closer and the summit?

May 28, 2012  •  Leave a Comment
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Greetings and salutations, I hope this finds everyone well this sunny Memorial Day. Before I get into my blog entry, I want to give  all the members of the U.S. Armed Services a heartfelt thank you, for what you've done and continue to do, at home and abroad. Freedom isn't free, and I salute those willing to protect it, especially those who have given their lives in that regard.

Anyway, as for my blog entry, quite a bit has happened in the last two weeks. I've been keeping busy with the Astros and Dynamo, and most recently, OTA practice with the Houston Texans. Shooting the NFL again has been a major professional goal for me. I've done it before, having shot 14 games across the 06-09 seasons, but to shoot the preseason practices is one step closer to that goal, in general. Aside from shooting the Texans' practice, the Astros and Dynamo action have lent positive results as well. Not only have the games been very enjoyable (aside from the blistering Houston heat), I've also been fortunate to have some of my images published online by and

This shot of Astros second baseman Jose Altuve was featured on on May 26, 2012.



This shot of Dynamo defender Andre Hainault was feature on on May 27, 2012, the day AFTER the game.


After a long period of sincere hopelessness, I honestly feel like I'm almost back to where I want to be in my professional life. And even though I do feel like I want to do other things as I've stated recently, I feel like if I can reach my own goal and pinnacles, I can leave the industry on a high note, if I do decide to leave for good. But for now, I'm enjoying my recent run of success.

Anyways, best wishes to all of you this week and onward. Until next time, fare thee well!


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