2013: A new adventure awaits.....

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2013: A new adventure awaits

Good morning all, I hope this finds everyone well. First off, my sincere apologies for no entries since the middle of October, but things have been a tad hectic between recently getting sick, the close of high school football season (at least, for me) and the completion of two weddings within five weeks. Not only that, but I have recently began a new venture regarding my business, shooting athletics for both Rice University and Houston Baptist University. Despite the plethora of work, it's gone good so far, especially shooting basketball for both schools (which is one of my favorite sports to cover), and I hope this venture continues into the 2013-14 athletics year. Below are some samples from the first few weeks on the job for both schools.


Anyways, with these new duties on my docket, along with the Texans games and other assignments included, I do have a bit of news to announce. Due to the increase of work on various fronts, I will no longer be shooting any Lutheran South Academy athletics. This is a decision that I have not entered into lightly, but between my new duties and a bit of unpleasantness during the high school football season involving the athletic director and other figures at the school, it made the most sense for me to terminate my relationship with the school until further notice. (And before I forget, I want to make it known that I DO NOT hold the student-athletes, coaches or the parents accountable or responsible for this severing of ties. My irreconcilable strife is solely with the athletic director and one other individual based solely on their disrespectful actions. There's no need to go into those actions in this online venue, but I wish to thank all others for their support over the years, especially the student athletes, it's been absolutely enjoyable to be of service to you all for the last few years.)



Well, with that, there's not much else to say other than I am looking forward to this new adventure in my professional life, and I hope to do right, not just by my new clients, but by all those who have supported me over the years, especially since 2009. Unless the Mayans were correct and we're all on borrowed time, 2013 looks to be a very exciting and busy year for me, and I'm looking forward to it. I hope to have one final blog entry online by the end of the year.


Until next time, Happy Holidays and fare thee well!


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